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In 2010 we had the privilege of hosting Bill Johnson in the Colston hall at Release 2010; the venue was full and hundreds were activated and sent out on the streets of Bristol, there were many amazing testimonies of healings and encounters including a baptism in the fountains. It felt like a significant time for Christians from diverse backgrounds across the region coming together united in their pursuit of more of God and his life for the city.


Forward five years to 2015 Fort Mill South Carolina...  during a visit to a church in North America a piece of paper with a ‘prophecy for Bristol England’ was given to a new Christian from the UK. The person that received the piece of paper had no connection with Bristol and eventually returned to England not knowing what to do with it.  The person that had given the prophetic word had been holding on to it for four months  waiting for someone from the UK to give it to. A short time after the prophecy was given it found its way to us  ‘because we lived in Bristol’ and after weighing it, we felt it would be good to share it with some of the churches in Bristol, feeling that there was a great encouragement for the church in Bristol to continue to be excited about God’s unfolding plans for the city.


Here is the transcript of the prophecy - we hope you will be encouraged by it.


Bristol will be known as the healing Capital of England. An outpouring of healing anointing is coming to that region and songs of deliverance will be sung from there. Seeds planted years ago have come to full maturity and are ready to be harvested. (John Wesley and others) Not a “flash in the pan” move but a deep lasting move of the Spirit of the living God is going to be released there. Winds of change are blowing and a changing of the guard is coming to the Church as well as the political arena. Weeds are being uprooted that have been choking the life out of my children and distracting them from me.


As we enter 2016 many around the city have felt a fresh sense of anticipation in the spiritual atmosphere around the city and in the churches. One of the prophetic words given by a church leader in the city is  ‘infectious discipleship’ conveying the sense of a supernaturally equipped church engaging with the city outside the walls of the church. There is a growing sense of unity and faith for God to move not just within the church but also in the business sectors, social justice and the Arts. There is a unity of faith and pursuit of the life of the Spirit amongst so many church leaders in the city, and without over inflating this it, we feel this may be unique in Bristol’s thousand year history.  This is a great time to see a sustained healing revival here in the city.  One of the church city leaders has recently sent us this in response to this for 2016.


I feel so much “burning in the bones” in prayer for this remarkable “divine window of opportunity” for “such a time as this”


Early in 2015 we wrote to Randy and his team at Global Legacy. We sent them the healing prophecy and invited Randy to come to Bristol to share his insights, encouragement and teaching. Due to schedules nothing was possible in the short-term  - however early this year they wrote to us asking if we would like to host Randy in April! We immediately felt it was right to say yes even with the short amount of time left to organise things, feeling that is was in the flow of the healing prophetic word and other things such as Kris Valloton’s surprise arrival in Bristol earlier in 2016..


Prophetic story updates:


Since publishing this story above a new chapter has been revealed! The person who had the original prophecy has been in touch and has told us more of the story. 


L.  told us that she had been praying one day and felt God say the word ‘bristol’ to her, but she didn’t really understand what it meant or what it was. Over the next 24 hours she went on to see the word ‘bristol’ in lots of different places, including on a whole stand of honey at a fair! She realised that it was a place in England and subsequently she felt that God was leading her to pray for an outpouring of healing in three places around the world, one of which was Bristol. The prophetic message that we received was then written down and since that time, July 2014,  L has been praying for Bristol every day and for what she believes God is going to do here. When she heard about the conference in January she began to pray specifically for that too. 


We were so encouraged to hear that someone from the other side of the world had been praying for our city for the last two years, believing and praying that God is going to move here in power;  we do feel that this conference is one small part of what God wants to do amongst us and we are so looking forward to being with you all in April. 


Secondly, someone here in Bristol had a dream this week that they shared with us: "In the dream I was in the upper hall of Woodlands watching from the sides other people getting healed. Then I really felt the presence of God, right in my own stomach, then I knew that God was healing me from a health condition I've had for a long time! I woke up inspired and excited to pray into the specific healings that are going to happen at the conference. God knows each of us and the brokenness we carry in our own bodies



We love dreams…

Over the years people have had some amazing dreams revealing God’s love for the city and his power to bring healing.  Earlier this year (before we knew of Randy coming to Bristol) a friend of ours had a clear dream which they felt symbolically depicted a fresh wave of God’s healing resources available for the city.  They only got to share it with us after Randy’s team had made contact and it was another encouragement to us to say yes.

We really hope you will join with us in this exciting journey of wanting more of Jesus and releasing his restoration and healing in our city.


Greg and Clare Thompson

on behalf of Release 2016

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LoveBristol is a small church-plant & Not-for-profit Organisation set up in 2006, operating under the umbrella of Woodlands Group of Churches. Driven by a passion to see our city transformed, we aim to be a prophetic voice and an equipping resource working with others to see the body of Christ bring divine love and healing to every community in Bristol, proactively blessing and serving people, inside and outside its walls, with acts of love, creativity and supernatural healing.


We are based in Stokes Croft - the heart of urban Bristol. Parts of this area are recognised as in bottom 4% of all UK areas for social deprivation (IMD 2015). The local council have dubbed this area a ‘gateway’ to the city...we are looking to see it become a gateway to the Kingdom. Check us out at LoveBristol.org